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Golden Rules for Wiring a Boat

Boats are one of the oldest modes of transport but like the rest, they are not short of tragic stories that have resulted in deaths or injuries over the years. With some these disasters causes by electrical issues, they can be avoided if the owners make the smart decisions to hire a marine electrician for the job. If you think you can handle a marine electrical system without needing to hire a marine electrician, there are a few useful tips you should know. To set up a marine electrical system without needing to hire a marine electrician, use the tips below.

The first tip to wiring a boat is finding the plans before starting the job; with most of the designs you need available online, a lot of the heavy lifting has been done for you, and you only have to find one that works if you don’t hire a marine electrician. Anyone who has wired a boat before will tell you that everything you need to ensure the success of the project lies in a having a proper and clear plan; it is from the plan that you will know the wires to connect, where to connect them to, or find what you need to fix or replace without the need to hire a marine electrician.

Don’t get tripped up; organize your wires if you want to get the job right the first time since you have decided not to hire a marine electrician; you could injure yourself in a tangle of messed wires, ruin a boat trip, or damage the entire boat from such simple mistakes. Taking the time as you go to bundle and label the wires may seem unnecessary at the time but contributes to improved safety, and ensures the success of the entire system. Before wiring a boat, make sure to use wires that are rated to support your appliances’ load; overloading the system is one of the main causes of fire, and something you will want to avoid.

Any repair, maintenance addition done on the boat should be recorded in the repair journal even if it goes well and was easy so you will have an easy time fixing any arising issues down the line. Even successful repairs might lead to issues if you don’t keep a record of the work you do, which is why everything done on the boat should be recorded in the repair journal.

The safest thing to do if you know if you are not a trained marine electrician is hiring one when it is time to wire your boat. Whether you want to save money or learn from your mistakes, you shouldn’t turn on the power on the boat before consulting with a professional to make sure everything is in order. These are the basic boat wiring tips that you should know to enjoy life on the water.